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    Last updated 1 year ago

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    Watch to Learn More about the LipiFlow System

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Nearly 40% of vision patients suffer from a condition known as dry eye. Dry eyes can be itchy, red, or teary and may disturb or affect your vision.

    Vision specialists have found that dysfunction of the meibomian gland in the eye is the most common cause of dry eye. The LipiFlow system works to eliminate evaporative dry eye at its source by applying heat to the inside of the eyelid, promoting proper function of the meibomian gland. You can learn more about the effective, sustained relief from dry eye symptoms that LipiFlow provides by watching this entire video.

    The vision specialists at LASIK of Nevada are dedicated to helping you see the world with more clarity and comfort. Call us today at (702) 475-3042 for an evaluation to find out how we can improve your vision. You can learn more about LipiFlow and LASIK treatments by clicking through our website. 

    LipiFlow for Dry Eyes

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Dry eyes can significantly reduce your quality of life and affect your ability to see under normal conditions. The majority of patients experiencing dry eye suffer from a condition known as meibomian gland dysfunction. LipiFlow is a revolutionary new treatment available from your vision specialist to promote proper gland function and eliminate dry eye symptoms.

    How LipiFlow Works
    Meibomian gland dysfunction affects your eyes’ ability to produce a protective layer of lipids over the eye. This lipid layer is what keeps the aqueous, or watery, layer from evaporating. Insufficiencies in the lipid layer accelerate evaporation of moisture from the eyes’ surface and cause the symptoms of dry eyes. The LipiFlow system works by delivering uniform pressure and heat to the inside of the eyelids where the meibomian glands are located. This heat clears blockages and promotes improved gland secretion to provide the eyes with the protective lipid layer they need for clear, comfortable vision.

    What LipiFlow Treatment Is Like
    LipiFlow treatment is fast, easy, and comfortable. Your vision specialist will place the LipiFlow activator eyepiece gently against the eye. While your eyes are comfortably closed around the activator, LipiFlow will deliver comfortable levels of heat directly to the meibomian glands in the inner eyelids. The heat liquefies any blockages in the glands while increasing lipid secretion. During this process, gentle pressure is applied along the eyelids’ surface. This moves blockages to the top of the glands, where they are easily secreted and removed to maintain improved gland function. The entire treatment takes only minutes and you will notice improvement of your dry eye symptoms immediately upon leaving the office. Over the course of the next four weeks, your symptoms will continue to decrease dramatically as lipid layer production increases and is maintained.

    Find out how LipiFlow can improve your dry eye symptoms today by calling LASIK of Nevada at (702) 475-3042. Our doctors provide state-of-the-art treatments in Las Vegas, NV to improve your vision and your life. You can learn more about your eye health by exploring our online blog

    Great New 5-Star Yelp Review for Lasik of Nevada on 3.26.2013

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    • Have you visited our Yelp page to read through our great patient reviews? Take a moment to visit our Yelp page and read what patients have said about their experience at Lasik of Nevada.

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    Why You Should Consider Choosing Lasik of Nevada

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    You have made the decision to undergo the LASIK procedure — now you just have to find a qualified LASIK surgeon. With so many providers to choose from, finding the right LASIK surgeon to perform the procedure is not always easy.

    Here at Lasik of Nevada, our experienced LASIK surgeons are devoted to creating a customized treatment plan to meet your specific vision correction needs. In addition to measuring your unique eye anatomy in order to determine the right procedure, our surgeons also offer the latest and most advanced laser technology on the market.

    Get on the road to better vision today by contacting Lasik of Nevada at (702) 636-2010. We also offer Wavefront-Optimized LASIK and PRK procedures. You can also contact us by clicking on the link to our website.

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