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    Last updated 2 years ago

    Recently, we treated Mike O'Brian-morning show personality from 96.3 FM KKLZ-and Kevin Wall-talk radio show personality from  KXNT 100.5 FM/840 AM-with Lasik procedures. We're keeping Las Vegas' finest entertainers healthy so they can keep you informed!

    For Lasik eye surgery in the Las Vegas area, come to Lasik of Nevada. Call us at (702) 475-3042 to schedule your free consultation, or visit our website for more information about our Lasik surgery services

    Common Refractive Errors That Can Be Treated With Lasik Surgery

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Refractive errors are problems that the eye has in focusing light. They are the basis of nearly all vision problems. Luckily, patients who suffer from refractive errors aren’t stuck with glasses or contacts anymore. With Lasik surgery, refractive errors can be corrected permanently. Read on for more information about vision problems that can be treated with Lasik.



    Myopia is commonly known as nearsightedness, a vision condition shows close-up objects as clear and far-away objects blurry. This occurs because the eye has too much focusing power, or the eyeball is too long. In either case, light focuses in front of the retina, instead of on it, making far away objects hard to see.


    This refractive error is roughly the opposite of myopia. Instead of focusing light in front of the retina, eyes afflicted with hyperopia focus it behind the retina, because the eye ball is too short, or the eye cannot focus enough. This manifests as farsightedness, in which close up objects are blurry, but objects farther away are clear.


    Astigmatism is caused by an abnormal curvature of the cornea. Instead of following a smooth and spherical curve, the cornea of a person suffering from astigmatism is slightly misshapen, causing it to focus light unevenly. At different points on the retina, light may be focused either behind or in front of the retina. This causes blurry vision both close-up and far-away.

    Lasik can correct all of these refractive errors, but it is important to mention one vision problem that Lasik cannot correct: presbyopia, or the natural loss of focus on close objects as we age. Because this has to do with elasticity of the lens and not the eye’s ability to focus, Lasik will not correct it.

    Lasik can correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, freeing you from glasses and contacts forever. If you’re ready to live a more active lifestyle, call Lasik of Nevada at (702) 636-2010 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rothman. We look forward to helping you!

    "they were very reassuring"

    Last updated 2 years ago

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    • I just had my Lasik procedure performed at Lasik of Nevada yesterday and it was a wonderful experience.  The staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable.  They made sure to answer al of my questions and clearly explain the procideure.  During the procedure they were very reassuring and clearly explained each step of the... More

      Brandon H.

    Our doctors and staff have over 35 years of combined LASIK experience and we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each individual patient. Please call us at (702) 636-2010 for more information or to set up your consultation today!

    A Breakdown of the Lasik Procedure

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Lasik surgery has helped millions of people see better and live better, but many potential patients have questions about the procedure. Read on for information about who should get Lasik surgery, what the procedure is like, and what to expect afterwards.

    Most people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism could have Lasik. But this doesn’t make everyone an ideal candidate. The best candidates for Lasik are over 18, have had a stable vision prescription for at least two years, and have no other health issues. They should also be willing to accept that while Lasik will make them much less dependent on glasses or contacts, it may not give them perfect vision.

    The Procedure
    Lasik is quick and easy for the patient. Your surgeon will create a small flap in your cornea and bend it out of the way, so he has access to the inside of your eye. Using a laser, he will reshape the cornea to correct the way your eye focuses light. The stronger your vision prescription, the longer the procedure will take. No matter your prescription, though, your surgeon will probably be able to operate on both eyes within about ten minutes. After a brief rest, you’ll be ready to go home.

    What to Expect
    Most Lasik patients see improvements in their vision soon after the procedure, usually reaching about 80% of their enhanced vision within two or three days. The rest of the improvement will take two or three weeks to develop. Anyone considering Lasik should be aware that many patients do not gain 20/20 vision. Many peak at 20/40, which will still allow you to drive without glasses. If you had a very strong prescription, they may not improve to quite that level, and you may still need to wear glasses or contacts for some tasks.

    If you’re interested in Lasik, call Lasik of Nevada at (702) 636-2010. Dr. Rothman has improved thousands of patients’ vision with this quick and easy procedure. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

    "Simply an outstanding staff from top to bottom."

    Last updated 2 years ago

    • on Yahoo Local
    • I would give my experience a 10 out of 10. These guys really do make miracles happen and guide you step by step through the entire process. Nothing to be afraid of...nothing to think about! 24 month interest free payment plan makes this an easy decision. ENJOY!!


    Our doctors and staff have over 35 years of combined LASIK experience and we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for each individual patient. Please call us at (702) 636-2010 for more information or to set up your consultation today!

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