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Signs You Should Consider Getting LASIK

Last updated 2 years ago

Many people experience eye problems, ranging from blurred vision to having difficulty seeing objects that are far away. To permanently fix these and other eye issues, surgeons use the LASIK procedure, which uses laser vision correction to reshape the eyes’ corneas. Read on to learn the signs that you should consider LASIK.

  • Your vision is blurry

At a child’s first eye exam, he or she may complain that some letters on the eye chart are “fuzzy.” This condition, called astigmatism, typically occurs when a cornea is shaped wrong. As light passes through the eye, the retina is not able to focus correctly, which causes blurred or fuzzy vision. Astigmatism can usually be treated with LASIK, promoting clear vision.

  • You are of an older age

As people age, vision often worsens. This natural process, called presbyopia, occurs when the lenses of the eyes become thicker and lose their ability to focus on objects. Usually, people with age-related eye problems become farsighted and have to move objects farther from their eyes to see them. Although presbyopia cannot be reversed, a LASIK surgeon can partially correct vision by making one eye see at close-range and the other eye see at long-range.

  • You are nearsighted

A common eye problem affecting many is myopia, or nearsightedness, which occurs when an eye, cornea, or lens changes shape or becomes altered in some way. People who are nearsighted have trouble seeing distant objects and often have to squint in order to do so. The LASIK procedure is generally effective for treating nearsightedness.

  • You are farsighted

Having trouble seeing objects up close is a condition called farsightedness, or hyperopia. Short eyes, improperly curved corneas, or deep lenses can cause this condition. People who are farsighted, along with not being able to see objects up close, may also experience bad night vision and headaches. When the case of farsightedness is mild, LASIK is often able to correct the problem.


Eye specialists like

to use LASIK because it often provides fast and effective results. Call Lasik of Nevada today at (702) 636-2010 for more information or if you believe you would benefit from the LASIK procedure.


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