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An Overview of Z-LASIK

Last updated 2 years ago

Z-LASIK is a form of eye procedure that corrects vision problems. In the past, LASIK involved making a slit in the cornea with a blade prior to surgery, which could cause vision problems. Today, surgeons use the more advanced Z-LASIK, which uses super-acute lasers to perform the corneal slit and corresponding cornea surgery, resulting in more accurate operations. Here’s some more information you should know about Z-LASIK:

  • Uses

Nearsightedness and astigmatism are two common problems that Z-LASIK treats. Nearsightedness occurs when a person can see objects better up close, and astigmatism occurs when a person has vision distortion due to a misshaped cornea(s). Z-LASIK fixes these issues by operating on the cornea and making the necessary improvements.

  • Procedure

The Z-LASIK procedure only takes a few minutes to finish. Once the patient is given anesthetic eye-drops, the cornea is slit open using a Ziemer laser and pulled back. Afterwards, the cornea is operated on using an excimer laser and then reverted back to its original form, completing the procedure.

  • Post-Procedure

Once the procedure is over, the patient will need to have somebody drive him or her home. The patient will have dry eyes and will be required to take prescription eye drops; the patient may have difficulty seeing for a few days. Within 24 to 48 hours, the patient will need to go to a follow-up appointment with the doctor and then schedule eye appointments for the following few months. 

  • Benefits

Z-LASIK is a quick and painless procedure that improves vision, provides fast or immediate results, and decreases the need to wear corrective eyewear for most patients. Many surgeons like to use Z-LASIK because the risk of surgical complication is low and the chances of patient improvement are high.

The Z-LASIK procedure is a highly effective way of restoring vision for many eye problems. For more information on Z-LASIK, call Lasik of Nevada today at (702) 636-2010.


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