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Five Signs You're The Perfect Candidate For LASIK Surgery

Last updated 3 years ago

If performing simple tasks is difficult for you due to blurry and unclear vision, you are probably a great candidate for LASIK surgery. This type of vision correction uses a laser to reshape your cornea and significantly improve your eyesight. Here are five signs that LASIK is an ideal option for you:

  1. You are nearsighted. If reading a book is simple for you, yet you can’t read faraway signs on the freeway, you have myopia. If this bothers you, it can be fixed easily by using a laser to reshape your cornea. 
  2. You are farsighted. If you can see images and words at long distances but can’t focus on something right in front of your face, your vision is most likely hindered by hyperopia. If you want to be able to read your book or an email at your computer without having to reach for your glasses, consider getting LASIK surgery.
  3. You have astigmatism. This type of sight impairment causes overall burry vision. Astigmatism can be caused by an irregular shape of the cornea, the clear cover of the eye, or the curvature of the lens inside the eye.
  4. You are tired of hassling with contacts. Whether you’re a teenager or well into your fifties, dealing with contact lenses can be a huge pain. Say goodbye to dry eyes and searching for lost lenses by investing in a permanent fix for your blurry vision.
  5. You want your vision back. You may have had poor vision for as long as you can remember, or you may have recently noticed a steady decline in your eyesight.  Either way, you’re probably sick of dealing with the disadvantages of poor eyesight. If you want to be able to go about your daily activities with ease and clear vision, find an experienced LASIK surgeon near you.

To fix your vision problems and achieve the eyesight you’ve always wanted, consider LASIK of Nevada. Our reputable doctors are using the newest and best technology to make you independent of eyeglasses and contact lenses. For more information about our doctors and laser vision surgery, visit our website today! 


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